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Tomlin HR Solution


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Tomlin HR Solutions looks forward to working with you to make meaningful, realistic contributions in support of helping business become its best self through effective systems and processes delivered and driven by competent, engaged employees.

About Us


Tomlin HR Solutions provides direction in the following areas of Human Resource Management:

  • HR Leadership and Management
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Capability Development
  • Performance Management
  • Job Description and Evaluation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Individual Coaching

Having worked primarily in the oil and gas industry, Tomlin HR Solutions is aptly positioned to guide and assist organizations with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery to both their internal and external client base.

Additionally, Tomlin HR Solutions through working in different sectors, has amassed diverse linkages and as needed, can draw on an amalgamation of professional resources from varied backgrounds inclusive of but not limited to:

About Tomlin HR Solution


Who We Are

Tomlin HR Solutions is headed by Paula Tomlin, a seasoned HR Practitioner with over 25 years’ experience in Human Resource Management with a Masters in Business Administration.


We provide people powered solutions driving business productivity and profitability while igniting a sense of mutual loyalty between employee and employer.


People Power

People Power

Organizational Capacity Development
Manpower Planning and Recruitment
HR General Advisory and Services

People Power

Branded Communications

Strategic, Crisis, Government & Public Policy Strategy
Brand and Offer Development
Employee and Partner Engagement

Safety & Operational Risk

Safety & Operational Risk

Definition and Development of Safety Critical Roles
Development and Deployment of Operating Management Systems



Are your job descriptions current and fit for purpose? Selecting the right person for the job is arguably the key to a successful business.

It is time consuming but a must. Having worked in various sectors, Tomlin HR Solutions is is aptly positioned to conduct the recruitment process on your behalf. We know what skill sets are required, the behaviours and disposition because we have actually worked in the sector. Individual or group hires, we give hiring managers more time as our day is spent interviewing for you. All you, the client will have to do is choose who best suits your culture!



Capturing institutional capability is so necessary given the pace of business today and the constant need of younger employees to be challenged to learn whilst ensuring employees with tenure still feel valued. Let us help you build out a competency program tailored to your business and which supports the vision of your organisation.



Authentic leadership is the key to igniting belief that the vision is attainable. Credibility in what you say and how you deliver the message brings respect, loyalty and buy into direction and initiatives.

It is always useful to take a step back and review whether you, as a leader are attaining what you desire to deliver. We provide one on one coaching interventions to assist you in this vein.



Ask Paula provides guidance to persons who are seeking to improve how they present themselves for the job market today, tomorrow and the for the future.
Ask Paula also provides HR advice on an individual basis when an objective opinion is required.


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